original Bridgerton poster
An original poster of Bridgerton.

Bridgerton has become the number one top ranked series on Netflix over The Witcher and has smashed records since its 2020 Christmas release on the streaming service.

What is the reason for this?

Not only is it a period drama, romance and family saga but it has an extremely addictive yet captivating, easy plot to understand – A combination that attracts in viewers.

Furthermore, it has great costume and set work and cinematography, but also fantastic cast filled with talented onset performers.

The plot also has gossip and many secrets to discover as well as a mystery that keeps people intrigued and guessing, and many other Easter eggs, such as the bee seen throughout the show.

The music is also exceptional, with favorite modern songs being turned into classical music covers.

The people being portrayed are also relatable while yet still allowing the viewer an addictive beautiful fantasy filled with suspense.

People see themselves in this show. The show is reflection of society.

It discusses societal issues such as trauma, abuse, gambling, discrimination, woman shaming, poverty, depression, abortion, sexism, homophobia and mental illness. What it also inadvertently did was open a discussion on male rape and sexual assault- a subject that is often swept under the carpet.

Based on the book series by Phillipa Quinn with an extraordinarily large fanbase already, there is no lack of material for the screen.

As a fan I quite honestly cannot wait for the series to portray all nine of the Bridgerton siblings and their love matches.

Especially with Anthony Bridgerton and his love interest Kate Sharma in Season 2.

I also therefore swear not to spoil the rest of the books’ exciting scandals.