Who is really the world's sexiest bald man?

Prince William
An image of Prince William.

Guess what, a full head of hair is out! Bald and beautiful is in.

Time redefines standards of male beauty and in the time period we are currently, having a full head of hair is something to be praised.

Thus, till very recently, going bald was an idea of disgust for many, but now it is a sign of age and wisdom and respect and total badassaery.

Men who are bald or partially bald are extremely handsome.

But who is most handsome is the question?

Recently, people have been saying that the balding Prince William (due to genetics) is the hottest bald man in the world, but is that true.

Many people are outraged at the implied.

But we should all just calm down and remember how chiselled his jawline is.

Furthermore, we can all have preferences but there should be no shame here.

Just think of your favorite bald man and be at peace.

I personally prefer Dwayne Johnson or Vin Diesel.

Or even some Buddhist monks in orange, I don’t know why, but I can look at them forever.

So in final words, remember.

All bald men are sexy, and we must love them all equally.

Give your handsome bald man a kiss on the head and tell him that you love him and have a wonderfully smooth day.