What is Microsoft Mesh? How does it work?

Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng on Unsplash

Microsoft Mesh

Microsoft Mesh is an internet based application that allows you to sync files between a number of computers, possibly more than two. The more elaborate definition is that it allows its users to experience virtual reality on a scale like never before. The user can interact with a person who is thousands of miles away almost as if they were right next to them. This of course is aided by the use of Virtual reality gear. Enter the age of holograms.

What are its applications?

This application can be useful in a number of fields. In the corporate world, taking into account aspects such as company outsourcing and expansion as well the Covid-19 pandemic it is difficult to schedule meetings in one location. Granted that remote meetings have been prevalent since Skype and Zoom. It is important to take into account how much of a difference holographic meetings could make. It would be like being in the actual boardroom without having to worry about wearing a mask or social distancing.


The educational sector was hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. Students were not able to go to school anymore because it was unsafe to do so. In some cases institutions would initiate remote learning. This is a good concept. However there are limitations to its effectiveness.  Students are different, each student retains information differently. There are Auditory learners, visual learners and those in between. There is only so much they can learn from video chats. However with Microsoft Mesh the holographic perk can make a huge difference. Interaction forms the basis of how a student absorbs information, which is what Microsoft Mesh can bring to the table. Repetition isn’t the only master of learning.

Social gatherings

Social gatherings are as important to us humans as the air we breathe. In light of recent events it has become difficult to engage in such activities due to the risk of infection. This application allows you to host social gatherings without breaking the mandatory social distancing rule.

What will it cost?

For a technology that is relatively new it is quite affordable. You can start with the basic subscription for $12 and you can renew it after three months and pay $72 for one year.