WATCH | Tokyo Sexwale makes damning allegations of stolen Heritage Fund

Tokyo Sexwale

Businessman and ANC veteran Tokyo Sexwale has made damming allegations that money from the Heritage Fund meant for social relief and free education has been stolen.

Sexwale made these allegations during an exclusive interview last night on eNCA. Sexawale alleges that powerful individuals are resisting efforts for the money to be integrated into the economy which has confirmed suspicions of corruption and embezzlement.

“We have found some resistance and when we checked the resistance. We found that part of this money has been stolen”

Sexwale has overseen a donor fund that has raised billions of Rands with the assistance of a very powerful family which has donated a substantial amount of money for socio-economic relief and eradication of student historical debt.

“The issue was to get this fund into our hands so that we can help. We have just offered a few billions for Covid19 relief and for Universities to clear all the student debt”, Sexwale explained.

Sexwale also revealed that the fund was aimed to supplement the R350 Covid19 relief grant with an additional R2,700.00. He explained that this money has been offered to government to assist alleviate poverty during the pandemic however the Heritage Fund is still met with resistance to be integrated into economy.

“The government is giving about R350. We are able and we have offered the government R2,700 for every poor person in South Africa on top of that R350…We have offered money to save SOEs”, said Sexwale.

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In addition to that, Sexwale claimed that they have extended a helping hand to bail out struggling State Owned Enterprises but the government is unwilling to cooperate.

Sexwale confirmed the existence of the money and that President Cyril Ramaphosa and his predecessor Jacob Zuma knew about the fund back in 2016

“Zuma knew about the fund and Cyril knew about the fund during that time. That is why Jacob Zuma spoke about free education. The fund was able to help with free education” said Sexwale.