WATCH | DMX is still alive

dmx is still alive

Legendary rapper DMX’s manager Steven Rifkind recently posted a video confirming that DMX is still alive and fighting for his life.

DMX has been topping the trends across social media platforms under the malicious hash tag “RIPDMX”.

Family, friends, and other artists continue to pour their prayers towards DMX’s health as he continues to fight hang on life support.

“Everybody please stop posting rumours, DMX is still alive and yes he is on life support”. said Rifkind.

Rifkind consoled fans saying that the family will release a statement tomorrow.

The 50-year-old was admitted in hospital on 2 April after a severe heart attack. The cause of the heart attack is still unknown.

DMX had ups and downs during his career as rapper and actor with substance abuse which has landed him in rehab a couple of times since 2019.

At Infomediac, we have chosen to remember the ‘Romeo must Die’ movie sound track ‘Come Back in One Piece’, which featured Aaliyah and DMX – it brings back all the memories of how he contributed to International arts.

DMX shared the screen with legendary actor Jet Li in Cradle 2 the Grave where he gave a world class performance alongside a Kung-Fu legend.