Want to be Co-Sponsored for Mathematics Tutoring?

Maths Tutoring
MAPF flyer promoting maths tutoring.

The Maths and Physics Foundation (NPO) is giving out fantastic deals to deserving Maths Core students for tutoring.

If you are in Grade 12 and want to be prepared for final exams, are rewriting matric, or are just want to make sure your marks are up to par and better, then you must read further.

This major project is running nation-wide all across South Africa and the hand-picking of a few determined and hardworking students from selected schools in the area is occurring.

These students are guaranteed fantastic marks after attending the online lesson classes hosted by one of South Africa’s best maths Tutor of thirty plus years’ experience, Greg Shapiro.

Full refund to any student who completes the program and finds there is no improvement T&C applies.

This would specifically be for any students (Matrics’ especially) who are doing Maths core

A Maths Lit course is on the cards as well.

If any of this sounds interesting or you are a parent or a business or school that wants to get involved in the education sector, do this.

Call or WhatsApp 0836655639, or email carlasnyman123@gmail.com for more information.

Hurry, as there are only a 1000 sponsored spots which are running out quick.

You do not want to miss out on the huge savings of R1750 per student.

Let us help you get you started on the tutoring that would help improve your grades in time for exams.

Following this, students would also be offered a maths tutoring position, if they are willing to put in the work.

In this time of job unemployment, it is a great opportunity.

The discounted prices for these sponsored students will be R350 for the first month and thereafter R250.

Please, make contact if you are interested to reserve your Sponsorship.

If you are still uncertain, go view the website for student testimonies and so forth at the following link; https://mapf.c.

Student Testimonies:

Anonymous – Sad that this module is over, but I can’t wait to start learning this section in class! Mr. Shapiro made calculus seem like a breeze and I can’t wait to continue learning more on this section in class. I now feel like I can actually understand and grow in maths and get the mark I want, looking forward to the trig module Really new and better ways of teaching a concept which really helps with understanding it. This is a very good initiative to improve my maths marks.

Yauvani – Sir’s way of teaching is very unique which makes a difficult subject easy to understand!

Thando – Mr. Shapiro has made maths sound so simple and interesting and through daily practice of the work we’ve covered, I believe this initiative is the key for me and many more students to secure an A+.

Thando – Mr. Shapiro has made my understanding of mathematics grow exponentially over the past three sessions we’ve had and his enthusiasm when teaching the subjects makes me want to know more and more. Its safe to say that maths is making its way up to being my favorite subject. Thank you Mr. Shapiro.