Up coming Artist Remzo Salphon releases latest album ‘Forest Rage’

Remzo Salphon

With a unique sound expressing his entire personality on a whole different spectrum and with an ability to switch back and forth between underground rap style & trap sound, with 3 of his singles coming out with individual different styles to them. Remzo Salphon thus can be seen as an artist who uses music as a canvas for experimenting with all sounds.

Remzo has always loved emo rap and ominous sounds, thus as an independent solo artist he has taken the effort of merging different styles of Hip Hop/Rap to his own tailored music style. Remzo Salphon has been known for patiently assembling elements of alternative hip hop, boom bap rap and rock ‘n roll all together. He is an upcoming artist with a total of 5 singles behind his name, and this is just the beginning for his music journey and for his instruments passion. Remzo will very soon also be opting bringing even more intriguing and epic sounds to the ever growing industry.    

More than a year ago, after his first release “Curtains,” Remzo Salphon has now crafted a unique sound accompanying his third single, ‘Dorky Dork”. With more different characters and personas brought forth to the light, he has definitely been able to stay hip and be ‘refreshed’ in the audiences’ ear with his different atmosphere and sounds for each new release.

A song that really speaks to me personally though is “Outsad.” This is because it is a phenomenal song one absolutely must hear out since it directly addresses mental health issues and the stigma attached to it. Remzo Salphon being a mental health activist wanted to use his music for the purpose of communicating this important topic to his audiences. Now, with his newest release “Forest Rage,” it can be seen that all his pain and frustration are smooshed together in one unorthodox, melodic, and drums and synthesizers package. What is essentially given to audiences is, “his emotions wrapped into a gift box.” “Forest Rage” is thus also something you must check out for it’s very much alternative rock ‘n roll vibe intertwined with dark sounds further tangled and layered with controversial messages.   

Remzo Salphon other hobbies include producing, sound engineering, rapping, photography and filmography. All which is truly amazing. Since he not only has his singles and photos but has also directed and produced several short films and documentaries.

If you want to listen to his newest singles, open the following links of https://fanlink.to/Forest-Rage-Freestyle and https://fanlink.to/Outsad.