The James Webb space telescope, are aliens too far off?

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

Our universe is approximately 13.8 billion years old. The human race has only scratched the surface in terms interstellar exploration. We have haven’t even explored much of the observable universe. The moon landing and the Mars exploration is only the tip of a very large chunk ice. The James Webb space telescope is about to change all that.

The James Webb space telescope  

The James Webb space telescope is the brain child of the minds at NASA-ESA-CSA. It is quite literally the Hubble space telescope on steroids. Furthermore it has been determined that the space telescope will be able to see as far back as a 100 million years. Therefore we will be able to see what the universe looked like a 100 million years after the events of the big bang. Additionally with the possibility of seeing the formation of the first galaxies and stars.

So what else does the space telescope do? In theory the telescope will be able to locate exo planets. This means that it can find the human race another home. In addition to being able to locate habitable planets, furthermore it can also shed light on the possibility of extra-terrestrial beings. This brings us to the next theory.

The possibility of aliens

The existence of extra-terrestrial beings has been the subject of debate for many years. t has been engraved in pop culture through literary works and film. Some of the theories aren’t just a by-product of the films that we consume; they are backed by real-life events. For example the Ariel school incident of 1994. A group of elementary school children witnessed a flying saucer land in their playground. Some of the students even reported seeing beings with large eyes and small bodies, with some comparing them to demons.

It gets weirder

 What is interesting about this case is that when the children were asked to draw what they saw. Their drawings were not only eerily similar. They further corroborated what hundreds of other people have seen all over the world. Reports of abductions, UFO sightings by ww2 pilots, UFO depictions in historical paintings and UFOs in the bible (yes that’s a thing ).

The James Webb space telescope should be able detect any alien life in the next 10 years. Judging by the fact that it can peer into what the universe looked like a 100 million years ago. Who is to say that it won’t give us a glimpse of some alien civilizations if they are out there? The universe is an infinite blanket of stars. Who is to say that ours is the only planet capable of supporting life?

The possibilities are endless.


The universe is 13.8 billion years old. The earth is 4.54 billion years old and the human race has been around for roughly 200 000 years. Taking into consideration that our recorded history spans for about 5000 years leaving about 97% of unknown human history. Hence there is a lot we don’t know. So it would be folly to dismiss the possibility of alien life forms.