Slay Queen Cleaning Services splitting social media apart

Slay Queen Cleaning Services

Mzansi could not help but show concern over a cleaning service advert posted by group of ladies running a company called Slay Queen cleaning services.

As unemployment continues to burden the South African youths, some are coming up with irresistible business ideas and approaches.

In the controversial poster circulation on social media, the cleaning maids are shown wearing skimpy and revealing maid outfits that have been received by mixed feelings.

Majority of mzansi is convinced that the cleaning services business is under cover prostitution and yet other tweeps are excited with the Slay Queen Cleaning Services creativity.

One Tweet user replied applauding their creativity and willingness to earn decent money.

“Good girls not relying on blessers”.

Slay Queen cleaning services
Image source ( Twitter )

Another supporter of their businesses tweeted – “Their business model and approach is very unique. I think they will flourish”

A dissatisfied tweeter user straight up commented and said its pure prostitution and they will destroy marriages.

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Mzansi is still throwing questions wanting to understand what others services are on offer.

“Is this a real cleaning company, can’t be cleaning wearing like this”

The Slay Queen Cleaning services are currently on social media and splitting the internet apart.

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