SA remains at Level 1 and alcohol sales for offsite consumption prohibited

President Ramaphosa Nation Address
President Cyril Ramaphosa - Image Twitter
  • Curfew 12am – 4am
  • Public recreational areas (Beaches, parks) will remain open
  • Funeral remain restricted to 100 (2-hour funeral service)
  • Inter- provincial travel is permitted
  • Religious gatherings 250 indoors 500 outdoors

President Cyril Ramaphosa has announced that sale of alcohol for offsite consumption will be prohibited during the Easter weekend.

“The sale of alcohol for offsite consumption will be prohibited this coming Friday to Monday. Given the current low levels of transmissions, we have decided to keep the country o alert level 1”, said Ramaphosa.

However, alcohol sales will be permitted for onsite consumption. That includes taverns and restaurants. Some of the level lockdown restrictions remain unchanged except religious gatherings which have been revised to larger gatherings depending on available space.

In his address, President Ramaphosa paid tribute to veteran news anchor Noxolo Grootboom for her 31 years of service in the media.

Ramaphosa acknowledged that, the Nation address had to be delayed in honour of Noxolo Grootboom’s last news broadcast.

“I wish to pay tribute to Ms Grootboom who is an outstanding journalist who threw out her 37 years of distinguished service and brought historic events to the living rooms of homes”, said Ramaphosa.