OPINION | Is Humanity losing to Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence
Photo by Possessed Photography on Unsplash

Futurist and Space Engineering Entrepreneur Elon Musk recently warned the world of the fast rate at which Artificial Intelligence is outpacing Human Intelligence.

In his own words “The percentage of intelligence that is not human is increasing”.

Musk predicts that Mankind will only represent a small percentage of Intelligence.

We might ask ourselves the question – who is Elon Musk to make these assertions ? and if the world cares enough to listen.

This is the man planning to head the mission to colonize planet mars. A far away world 286,76 million kilometers from earth. The only planet in the Solar system which is slightly similar to earth saturated with poisonous gases.

On his personal vlog channel, Musk predicts that there will be some new technology which may cause damage or death. He cited a crucial example of our everyday lives which comes in the form of our smart devices. Something that you are using right now, a piece of technology that you can no longer live without. Musk believes that its too late to reverse the advances made AI in our lives

“Your phone is already an extension of you”. Can you dispute that?

Musk explains further “You’re already a cyborg, that phone is already an extension of yourself without you even realising it”.

In other words, Musk says the reality is that the cybernetic extension between a human being and their smart device is still slow at this stage however, the information flow between human biological cells and smart devices (Your digital self) will be at a later stage indistinguishable from reality. Only if you live long enough to see to see the real effects.

Have you ever asked yourself how much personal information is stored onto your phone and how much personal data is collected by social media networks and other digital applications? If you think about it now, you will realise that your smart phone is an extension of yourself.

If you have followed the evolution of computer video games, by this time, you must know that games are slowly becoming indistinguishable from reality.

Just recently, serious ethical issues have been raised after US and Chinese scientists implanted human cells into monkey embryos. Their argument is that the experiments will help to address the problem of organ transplant and better understand disease and ageing. Senior Researcher Katrien Devolder at the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics weighed in on the matter without giving conclusive evaluation.

“Is it a human? is it a monkey? We do not know how to treat these creatures ethically “, she said.

At this point, any private information or official secrets that are in the public domain can be traced back to technology breaches. South Africa’s contemporary politics is a result of scandal and private information leaks. The Commission of Inquiry into Sate Capture would not be as exciting if it were not for the leaks.

Today, the world has access to government leaks. Just imagine the amount of information that is leaking through the ruling party, African national Congress (ANC).

Political careers of great revolutionaries such as Jacob Zuma and Ace Magashule are coming to an end through the rapid spread of information.

Let us leave it here for now.

“The world is changing and they say it is time to be free” Gloria Carter extracted from 444 Jay Z 2017.