Norma spills the beans on Gigaba’s efforts to bury the evidence of tight Gupta links

Norma Mngoma

Nomachule Mngoma gave a harrowing testimony against estranged husband former Minister Finance Malusi Gigaba that he wanted to confiscate and delete information in her electronic gadgets to bury evidence of frequently visiting the Gupta residence.

According to Mngoma’s testimony, Gigaba had furnished his affidavit for the commission with incomplete and false information that he had only visited the Gupta residence two or three times.

“He came to my room and asked me to give him my phones and my laptop…He said there was an IT expert who wanted to assist with deleting some information”

Mngoma told the commission that Gigaba tried to explain to Mngoma that her cell phones and laptops may produce information that maybe inconsistent with his affidavit. However, Mngoma refused to handover her electronic gadgets to Gigaba to delete the information.

“I refused to give him my gadgets…we sat down, and he explained the reasons why he wanted some of the information deleted”, Mngoma explained.

Furthermore, when asked why she did not have her passports in possession to give evidence on her travelling history. Mngoma shifted blame to Gigaba and his former vPersonal Assistant for colluding to confiscate her passports without her consent.

“I called his former PA and asked her if she could help with providing our travel history…25 minutes later she changed her tone and said she could not give me my diplomatic passport and travel history”

“When I arrived home looking to look for my personal passport, I could not find it…I only found the passport pouch”.

Mngoma said she approached Gigaba whom she suspected had received a tip off from his PA which led to the disappearance of her personal passport.