Mother of three abandons children for one week and later spotted at a tavern

Child neglect
Courtesy of SAPS

MPUMALANGA – A woman from Bushbuckridge was reported missing to the Police and was later spotted at tavern in the area. This is the disturbing part – she had abandoned her three children aged four, five and a nine-month-old baby.

According to South African Police Services Colonel Donal Mdhuli, the woman disappeared on Friday 9 April and her mother is the one who discovered that she had gone after hearing the nine-month-old baby crying.

“It is said that she resides with her mother and her three children. At the period that she left, her mother is said to have heard her nine-month-old baby crying from the bedroom and upon checking, her mother realised that she was gone”, said Colonel Mdhuli.

The matter was then reported to police on Tuesday, 13 April 2021 and she was found on 16 April after growing concerns from her family regarding her sudden disappearance. Police launched a search party which later led to her discovery at a local tavern.

The woman was then arrested and charged with child neglect and will appear today (19 April) before the Bushbuckridge Magistrates Court.