Mkhondo community outraged by bail granted to accused farm murderers


The five men accused of shooting and killing Zenzele and Mcgini Coka have been granted bail of R10 000 each.

This decision by the Mkhondo Magistarte’s court has spark a wide community outrage demanding the men to remain in jail until their case is finalised.

It is reported that the presiding magistrate made it clear there was no basis to deny bail to five accused considering that they do not have previous convictions and that they are permanent South Africans who are not flight risk.

Collin Sedibe who is leading the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Mpumalanga has been hailed for efforts to calm down the disgruntled community members.

“We are very disappointed and angry at the decision of courts. But as the EFF we respect the courts and rule of law”

Sedibe further explained addressing the masses that the accused murderers will not necessarily walk free because they have been granted bail.

“Bail does not mean that they have been discharged, we hope they are going to be arrested”, explained Sedibe.

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The EFF is confident that the community has a strong case against the accused as more complaints continue to filter in as it has been previously reported that it is not the first-time crimes of that nature have been committed by the accused. Most of those incidents are reported to have been swept under the carpet and destroyed by crooked Police.

“We are certain that there are additional cases that are coming on for these people, because all of those cases that were removed by the corrupted police are coming back”, said Sedibe.

The five accused are expected to return to court on 30 June 2021.

The Coka brothers were allegedly assaulted and shot dead during a heated argument with the accused whilst the deceased were looking for part time seasonal farm work.