Mafokate says he was targeted for clout in the R10 million scandal

Arthur Mafokate

Veteran Kwaito Star and Businessman Arthur Mafokate said he was targeted by media houses to drag his name in the mud for a front page story.

“I am an easy target; it is easy to get a front page using my name. If they had to write about anyone else it would not have been on the front pages of the media”, said Mafokate.

Mofakote has made a headline in the DailySun for swindling more than R10 million from the National Arts Council (NAC).  

Mafokate admitted that he applied for the financial aid on behalf of his two companies 999 music and Road Show Marketing. Surprisingly Mafokate says he has not received any money: “We have not received a cent yet”, said Mafokate.

It is alleged that a company owned by Mafokate’s daughter was approved for R719,000 and another company owned by Mafokate and his son was also approved for more than R849,000 and an addition R20,000 from the NAC.

In an exclusive interview with the SABC, Mafokate admitted that all the companies applied for funding from the current media reports have falsified the amounts received.

Mafokate explained that: “I can confirm that, AJ (Mafokate’s child) received just over R16,000. Queendom (an NPO with links to his daughter), have applied a substantial amount of money and what they are about to receive is not what they anticipated”.

Mafokate denied the existence of evidence in the form of records showing that his companies received funding from the NAC.

“I don’t know where those things are coming from. Obviously, they are coming from malicious people and I don’t know why they are saying these things about me”, blasted Mafokate.

The alleged embezzlement of R300 million by senior NAC officials has ignited the fury among those in the arts industry to expose the abuse of funds.