Lessons from the British monarchy secrets

Collage showing Harry Meghan Oprah connections to SA
A collage showing Meghan, Harry and Oprah's relations to South Africa and also the viral interview.

Wow. So everyone saw that Oprah interview about the British Royal Family.

Meghan and Harry left us jaw slacked when they opened a can of worms on the Royal family’s secrets. Including baby gender reveal details (it’s a girl), apparent questioning of how dark Archie’s skin would be, the couple being cut off financially and having to live on Princess Diana’s inheritance, mental health issues and suicidal tendencies, and a less than perfect picture of the family business.

What surprised the world but didn’t surprise me to figure out.

This reveals that the British royal family is a bunch of old conservatives within a very rigid system of rules, saving face, and presenting of a false image of a fairy tale world of riches and glory.

In actual truth the British monarchy has survived for centuries despite massive controversy, murder, corruption, crimes, lies and scandal.

To point out a few outstanding scandals that were swept under the carpet over the past decades. – The former king Edward VIII had been involved with Nazis and many speculate him of giving out war secrets to them during WW2. The apparent disappearance and murder of the two princes in the tower by their uncle King Richard the Second, a man described in history to be excessively power hungry. Prince John born with autism and epilepsy and several other family members related to the royals being hidden away and abandoned in institutions, because of what their learning disabilities and health issues could mean for the Royal Family’s perfect image of being pure in blood and superior genes.

The British crown was also heavily involved in the expulsion of Jews, persecution of people of color during the 1960s, colonialism, large involvement in the Atlantic slave trade. They were involved in strategic planning of starting and sponsoring wars , the ignoring and subsequent allowance of starving of Irish peasants who only wanted potatoes, and the harmful control over the Scottish people and the active destruction of their ways of life. In all these atrocities, the British crown has been revered a perfect monarch using their propaganda vehicles in mainstream media.

Furthermore, they have during the entire timeline of history been enemies to every single nation and country and continent in the world. So, the British Royal Family’s crimes now do not shock me at all.

But most importantly, why they have survived is because they have been able to move with the times, but it seems now that they are still quite backwards in many ways.

What do these revelations mean for South Africans and people of color?

It makes us realize that in order to live in this world, we must realize that no one is perfect and anyone can harm us or put forward a harmful idea.

We also realize the absolute irony that the richest people in the world do not receive mental health help whereas in SA many people cannot even afford it nor does the first black great grandson of the current Queen receive protection and the title of a prince ? (that sounds way too suspicious).

Realizing that discrimination, stereotyping and hatred is well and alive is a scary but true fact. 

This has become even clearer with the murder of George Floyd (and now during the murder trial of the policemen who were directly involved) and the Black Lives Matter movements surge in popularity last year after many years of police brutality and racism and slavery and harassments and lynching’s and false accusations endured by African Americans.

So we must not be afraid to speak our stories, otherwise we will not be heard.

We must proclaim them loudly. Not inhibited by tea parties, racist family members, and a sense of family pride.

We must evolve and adapt, we must give and change the world. We must like Megan Markle, no longer be silenced.

Ignore whatever the consequences. An ancient hierarchy has no place in the modern world except to learn from the past.

So should the British royal family fall too? The people must decide.