Jessie Duarte confirms five dead during ANC branch meetings in Mpumalanga

Jessie Duarte

African National Congress (ANC) Deputy Secretary General, Jessie Duarte has revealed and conceded that Mpumalanga province has been corrupted with extreme violence among party members within the organisation.

Yesterday (14 April) DSJ Jessie Duarte visited ANC Mpumalanga Province to defuse the infighting within the ANC that has been witnessed during Branch meetings.

Today in an exclusive interview with a national television broadcaster, Jessie Duarte confirmed that five people have been killed during branch meetings and one critically injured.

“Five people have been killed at ANC meetings in Mpumalanga…”, said Duarte.

She also confirmed that fourteen people were injured in the recent violence that broke out during a branch meeting in the province which led party members to call for immediate suspension of meetings and disbandment of the entire PEC.

“On the 10th of April, fourteen people were injured going innocently to an ANC BBGM and one of them is critically ill in hospital”, said Duarte.

In a social media interaction, radio host Aldrin Sampear said Mpumalanga Community Safety MEC Vusi Shongwe confirmed that the five murders were committed over a year ago but there were no arrests made.

Mpumalanga has made headlines for the wrong reasons and party members have called out infiltration attempts by bogus party members who are self-imposing in leadership positions.

Duarte said there is collective force of individuals who are determined to undermine and bring the ANC to disrepute through flouting the organisation’s principles.

“There is a concerted effort frankly speaking of actors who are trying to denude the values and culture of the ANC”.

During the interview, Duarte did not disclose the conclusions of the meeting to resolve the blood baths which have plagued Mpumalanga Province during branch meetings.