Independent Schools will open on 18 January – Find out more

Independent School
Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

South African Independent schools will open on 18 January 2020 after carefully considering the recent nation address by President Cyril Ramaphosa regarding new regulations amid second wave of Covid19.

Independent Schools of Southern Africa Executive Director Lebohang  Montjane said Independent schools are waiting for the President’s update on the 15 of January hence the day.

“It was felt that Schools were to open up later once we know what exactly government tells us regarding schools with the new regulations on the 15th of January”, said Montjane

Montjane emphasised that some Independent schools will commence online classes on 12 January and 13 January prior to the opening day 18 January.

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“Most schools were supposed to start from the 12 to 13 January and obviously now most people are trying to begin on the 18 January. Some schools will commence online learning from 12 January as per original schedule”.

Independent Schools of Southern Africa Executive has recommended schools to commence online classes and only allow entry level classes on 18 January to attend school until the covid19 infections drop.

Montjane said Independent schools are ready to continue learning under any circumstances or stricter regulations.

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“Should the President make the decision that it is necessary up to let’s say level two restrictions, we would simply move back online. Last year Independent Schools in South Africa did not lose out on learning and they managed to cover the full curriculum”, said Montjane

 Independnt Schools in South Africa werescheduled to open on 12 January, they rescheduled to 18 January awaiting the president’s recommendations and regulations on 15 January.