ikhokha card machine – Why your business needs one today

Ikhokha card machine

Every business that involves the exchange of goods and services for money needs to be backed up with a card machine

I remember early this year in January before the country went into level 5 lockdown.

There were always these two guys who were Students at Denver College at the time selling thrift denim jackets and jewelry on the street pavement opposite my office in Pretoria CBD.

These young entrepreneurs had invested in a card machine and I was fascinated by that because I had never seen an informal street vendor who accepted card payments at the time.

 One Friday late afternoon during their rush hour, I decided to pay them and hang out with them.

For one hour, I sat there and observed. They collected both cash and card payments.

The other thing that excited me, was the satisfaction I saw on their customers’ faces after every successful card payment.

The interesting part is that they could still sell to the guy or girl who does not move around with cash.

As a result, they maximized their sales and exceeded their customers’ expectations.

Today you must make the best decision to invest in a card machine that accepts all forms of card payments for your small business.

NB: Kindly note that, I will earn a commission if you use the links provided in this article to complete any purchase.

South Africa is slow-moving towards a cashless system and people are feeling much safer with just carrying their cards and little cash.

You could be losing a lot of customers and revenue just because you do not offer swipe.

Every small business requires a card machine and you must have one if you are running any of the following businesses

NB: The types of business highlighted in blue are imbedded with links to trusted local suppliers in those respective Industries.

In case you want to expand your supply chain or look into more opportunities, just click on a business type of your choice and discover more.

  • Hair & Beauty Salons
  • Spaza shop
  • Cosmetics supplier
  • Internet café
  • Book store
  • Gadgets and phone accessories
  • Tavern & Pubs
  • Service & Repairs
  • Fashion and retail
  • Fashion accessories

Whatever business that you do, as long as it involves the exchange of goods and services for money – you need an affordable card machine for business.

You could be selling artcha, eggs, phone accessories, or even vegetables in the street –the good news is that your business still qualifies to accept card payments.

Imagine the potential customers that you may be losing every day because they are not seeing a poster or cardboard stating that you accept card payments.

These potential customers are always walking past your table or shop every day and probably going to your competitor who has a card machine.

Why you should have a card machine?

  • A card machine will offer your business and customers security advantages over handling cash.
  • You are less likely to be targeted by criminals if you don’t stash a lot of cash around you.
  • Chip and Pin technology guarantees receipt of payment.
  • Customers tend to spend more when they make a card payment

Well, it is true. Studies have revealed that customers experience some sort of hurt when they part with hard cash.

So after you have decided to have a card machine for your business, you should then choose the best service provider for your card machine.

I recommend Ikhokha card machines. They cater to any kind of business and in this article, I want to talk to small businesses on the rise.

Why ikhokha ?

  • It is the best starting point for small businesses who are seeking POS solutions.

Ikhokha has very low and affordable rates that are designed for Small, Micro, and Medium Enterprises.

  • Choose ikhokha because it is the trusted starting point for every small business in South Africa. Whether formal or informal.

ikhokha provides affordable card machines with prices starting at R999 per package.

The move Pro, which is their smallest card machine is my personal favorite for young entrepreneurs on the come up, click here to browse for more and place your order.

  • ikhokha will also deliver your package within five to seven working days.

First things first. We all want to deal with trusted brands known for quality service delivery.

  • iKhokha is a trusted Card machine provider by South African business owners. It has been in the game for a while now.
  • They have been providing small to medium size businesses with card payment solutions.

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