Here is why social media has dismissed Euphonik’s screenshots as fake

DJ fresh and euphonic
Image sourced - Twitter

DJ Euphonik is having a harrowing backlash on twitter following his post of a WhatsApp screen grab from the woman who accused the two DJs (Euphonik and DJ Fresh) of rape.

Euphonik Screenshot

In the screen grab, the alleged victim sent a WhatsApp message apologising for falsely accusing Ephonik and DJ Fresh of raping her and that she is afraid of getting arrested.

The backlash was ignited when twitter account @AdvoBarryRoux, asked the type of WhatsApp Euphonik was using after noticing some red flags on the authenticity of the screen shot.

On the contrary masses of twitter concerned South Africans who were following the rape scandal have seriously questioned the validity of the WhatsApp screen shot posted by Euphonik.

There are several irregularities that were picked on the screenshot on which tweeps are convinced that Ephonik has indeed used mediocre photoshop skills.

Unusual Network bars.

When assessing the screen grab from the top. One cannot help but notice the weird signal bars. iPhone users have argued that iOS does not have network bars with tiny dots at the bottom.

Lack of Unread chats

On another sceptical side of things. Tweeps were confused how a public figure such as Euphonik would not have unread WhatsApp messages on his phone.

Euphonik Screen shot

The message balloon loop

The loop on the message balloon is place at the bottom, which is unusual in a WhatsApp chat. The loop is place at the top of the message facing upwards.

Euphonik Screen shot

The rape charges against Euphonik and DJ Fresh were recently dismissed after the Chief prosecuting on the case said that Ms Madikizela’s rape allegations were without merit.

On 15 February, Ephonik posted a press statement announcing that the docket had been marked nolle prosequi and the prosecutor was to disengage the case.