Garsfontein Community losing confidence in local Police Services due to negligence

The police must answer for their lack of care and effort in this victims case.

garsfontein police station dissapointing police work

Residents in Garsfontein do not rely on their local Police Services anymore and there is a trend of negligence that is looming at the Police station.

A domestic violence victim who wish to remain anonymous reported a case on 23 March, but up until today she has not received a case number or any information on the development in the case of assault.

The victim wrote her testimony, recounting the trauma, signed her name, and then they said they opened the case and said they would call her back.

There was no call back, the victim explained.

“I waited for days and days, believing I was finally safe from my attacker.”

The victim confided in Infomediac Daily News and said she no longer felt safe as the Police did not do anything to apprehend her attacker.

“I realized I was in danger again and the reason they never sent my case number was because it was probably not properly filed.”

The victim kept trying to call police to get feedback to no avail. According to a report from a community Newspaper from early last year , Garsfontein Police station continues to run on interim contacts. Technically their phone line are still not working.

Screenshot of Garsfontein Police
Screenshot from the victim’s phone, evidence that the calls were never picked up from 24 March

The victim continued to Constantly live in fear her attacker would find her and would hurt her again.

When she went back to the station, they first told the victim the case was transferred to the police station closest to her attack, which was Lyttleton Police station.

So she spent a few hours in the trauma centre getting therapy and then went home.

“Two weeks went by and after several visits of them first thinking they lost it, then telling me it was transferred to another police station, to finally calling the other police station and finding out the case was never sent to them.”

Then she returned to Garsfontein police station and nobody could find anything on her case.

Not on the computer nor in the files.

This is way too heartbreaking and disappointing not to share.

No assault/harassment victim should have to endure this.

Therefore, trust another police station.

The Garsfontein police station was unavailable for comment.