DNA links serial rapist to 60 cases committed in Gauteng

DNA and Rape victims
Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

Investigative efforts by the Police through DNA profiling have linked a serial rapist to 60 cases which he alleged committed since 2012.

The suspect is currently in hospital recovering from gunshot wounds he sustained when he tried to evade Police arrest on 17 March2021.  Whilst the suspect is in hospital, he also still under Police guard.

Gauteng South African Police Service Spokesperson Vish Naidoo confirmed that the suspect is responsible for a spate of rape cases that were reported in Gauteng since 2012.

“Following his arrest, a DNA report has linked the suspect in police custody to these rape cases which were reported as far back as 2012 in various policing precincts including Batho, Crystal Park, Daveyton, Etwatwa and Putfontein police stations”, explained Naidoo.

To add on, Police have also reported that more victims have since come forward with more information that may lead the number of rape cases to 100.

“the possibility of linking this suspect to additional cases cannot be ruled out at this stage. With the inclusion of the analysis of the Modus Operandi, the suspect could possibly be linked to approximately 40 other cases, thus bringing a total number of cases to nearly 100 cases against these alleged sexual offences perpetrator”, said Naidoo.

The suspect is due to appear in court today (29 April) in absentia as a result of his hospitalisation under police custody.

The successful operation of the positive DNA profiling was undertaken by a multidisciplinary Task Team established in 2018.The Task Team constituted of the Gauteng Family violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offenses investigations Detectives in collaboration with the National Forensic Sciences Laboratory (FSL) Biology Section and Victim Identification Centre (VIC).