Crusader Kings 3
Crusader Kings 3 Game Poster.

Ever wanted to have the world at your fingers, create a dynasty, play strategy, rule the world. Then you need Crusader Kings 3.

Crusader Kings 3 is a thrilling sequel to previous two hit strategy games.

Playing as an emperor, a king, a duke, a Raj, a Maharaj, a tribal or pagan leader, a Viking ruler, and many more.

You can rule the entire ancient world.

From continents of Africa to Europe to Asia.

You can play as a ruler from year 867 to 1453.

It is your job to keep the throne, grow your land, survive plots, grow powerful, form alliances and even more important have children, grow a dynasty, and get them married to the right people.

You can also practice your military, charisma, intrigue and other related skills.

You have to survive events and uprisings and get your vassals and people to love and admire you.

You have to grow your armies so that you can dominate the lands.

You have to respect your religion and rise in influence and prestige.

You can go on journeys too and join the crusade.

You can do many things.

I do not understand why the hype hasn’t grown around this wonderful steam game.

It is for a great price and you get so much with it.

It is really truly addictive.

You will play it for hours.

So head over to Steam and play now.

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