COVID19 | EFF calls for immediate travel ban on India

Vuyani Pambo

The Economic Freedom Fighters EFF are calling for the South African Government to impose an immediate ban on India amid a ferocious Corona Virus B.1.617 strain.

EFF National Spokesperson Vuyani Pambo recently issued a media statement slamming government’s reluctant policies on enforcing strict quarantine measures to stop the rapid spread of the Corona virus.

“This is a blatant failure by this government to follow global trends of the virus and act accordingly to protect life…Their lack of response and necessary policy intervention to ensure the variant that exists in India does not spread in South Africa, their response is no different from when they refused to utilise state resources to quarantine the 11 travelers from Italy”, said Pambo.

Looking at the previous government response towards closure of land borders, the EFF appeals that government did not hesitate to close the borders for neighboring African states during the first and second waves of Covid19 in the region.

“It is clear evidence that the closure of borders and points of entry are motivated by a hatred for African people, and prioritising of International relations that are linked to profit rather than preservation of life”, said Pambo.

India is besieged by Covid19 with an ever-increasing infection and mortality rate breaking world records. It is estimated that one person is dying from Covid19 related complications in every four minutes in the country.

The country is struggling with oxygen shortages despite efforts by the International community to alleviate the shortages where 20 million people have been reported infected.