Citizen of Rome: Dynasty Ascendant Game Review

Game picture

Have you ever watched an amazing Roman show and wanted to be part of the action and glory?

Well now you can in the new steam game Citizen of Rome: Dynasty Ascendant.

It is a quick easy game you can play over and over again as a family head trying to raise the status of your family and keep your dynasty going.

Also, you can be conscripted into war and make glory for Rome.

You can buy land, farm, vineyards, animals, trading ships, estates and so much more.

You can marry and marry your kids off.

You can send your kids off to school, to a Grammaticus, university, or simply start them off on an apprenticeship.

You can make sacrifices to the gods and partake in festivals.

Be careful to properly manage your finances though. If you don’t you will end up the lowest of the low.

So go on over and play Citizen of Rome: Dynasty Ascendant now at