Cant wait enough for Sims 5 release date

My childhood is almost defined by the mechanics and inner workings of Sims.

Sims 5 fake poster
A fanmade Sims 5 Poster. I chose it because the little girl somehow eerily reminds me of myself.

Sims 1, Sims 2 and Sims 3 was groundbreaking and addictive gameplay that nobody had ever seen before. 

Not only could you control little people like a God and make them live your dream life, and then do normal things that you didn’t do, like exercise or do laundry, but you could feel in control if your normal life was falling apart.

Sims for me was a way to live out my fantasies growing up and a means of expressing everything I wanted to do and laugh about, but felt restricted and unable to properly achieve, this included falling in love, going on dates, having pets, making friends, being popular, having a great job, and interesting and meaningful life.

Sims for me was always an escape.

But I’m not gonna lie, seeing what antics my little people with a green diamond got into when I left them was always entertaining.

It was like watching a science experiment, because for me, like true human beings, they were unpredictable and actually uncontrollable.

I don’t know, that aspect made it more realistic for me, and helped me practice my social skills.

Also helped me learn a lot of new words. 

Like Woohoo.

I remember buying sims 3 when it first came out for R100 and every time after that, I always threw tantrums to have the newest expansion pack ASAP, because as a child, besides good food and movies and Disney Channel, they were the only thing that helped me cope with bullying, isolation, anxiety and depression.

Now as I got older, that comfort was sucked away because Sims 4 was just awful in the worst way possible. 

It was boring.

The people were mindless pawns.

If you didn’t do anything for them, they would just starve and die in filth.

Or set something on fire, because of course they couldn’t cook, they were definitely millennials.

To all those who don’t see, that was a joke.

Furthermore, whilst some of the latter aspect might be something humanity has sometimes done, being mindless and completely controlled is not that.

People are their own gods.

They control their own words, actions, destinies and choices.

So let us hope EA Games remembers that when they create the next Sims 5 game.