Bugs Bunny Challenge spreading like a wild fire RN

Bugs Bunny Challenge
Bugs Bunny Challenge - Image Courtesy of twitter @TheBoyTapes

The #BugsBunnyChallenge is remerging across social media platforms 2021 and the saucy challenge is topping the twitter trends.

If you are a fan of the loony toons show, you are probably the shows favourite couple โ€“ Bugs bunny and Lola. Sadly, this challenge has nothing to do with bugs bunny at all, its about confident girls showing off their behind or new pair of socks.

In the challenge. Takers (The participants), lay on their tummy, raise their legs up and flip their feet like bunny ears. As you wait in anticipation of what is going to happen next, a sudden jerk from the waist up will turn the whole scenario into eye candy.

The bugs #BugsBunnyChallenge is heavily contested in the US and other countries across the pacific and still finding way to Africa โ€“ tweeps are calling out for the African woman to show up to the scene.

Here are some tweets of African tweeps calling for the challenge to go viral.

How it started?

The Bugs Bunny Challenge was started by trend makers on TikTok, but it is still unknown which account started with it.

Tik Tok trend makers are always at work and continue to stay creative with challenges that viral across social media platforms.

January โ€“ #BussitChallenge

February – #SilhouetteChallenge 

March- #BugsBunnyChallenge