Best Hosting plan to build a website in South Africa

Best hosting Plan

You don’t need any coding experience or extensive IT knowledge to build and set up a website for your business today.  However you need the best hosting plan to get the job done.

The options are limitless.

If are already in business and you have a store, building a website will allow you to accept online payments from customers.

You will able to market your shop on Social media platforms and search engines.

Your business needs to have an online presence which ultimately leads to customer satisfaction.

You will offer offer them direct interaction with your business and the convenience of paying online.

Your customers are constantly looking for ways to simplify their lives using their Tablets, Smartphones, and Computers and maintain a busy lifestyle.

They want the convenience of shopping and paying for your products and services at any time they want and only a website can do that for you and customers.

With a website, you can advertise on platforms such as Google ads and news websites where customers can be redirected to your online store or business.

Today, it is a requirement that every business needs a website and you need the best hosting plan offered in South Africa.

You could be a chef, plumber, handyman, or even a beauty therapist – you need a website to grow business and reach more customers and you need the best hosting plan to build your website.

Here is why you need a website for your business:

  •  Reach the Global Market
  •  Open All Hours
  •  Broaden Your Brand and Identity
  •  Higher Conversion Rate
  •  Marketing through Social Media platforms & Search Engines
  •  Fewer Overheads
  •  Less Risk
  •  Personalization
  •  Encourages spending and purchases

The good news is that you do not have to pay for large amounts of US dollars to build your WordPress website in South Africa.

There is now an opportunity to pay low premiums offering the best website hosting plans to accommodate small websites for small businesses.

Absolute Hosting offers the best hosting plans in South Africa and comes highly recommended providing you with the necessary tools and support to build your website or e-commerce store.

This website is built hosted by Absolute Hosting and my business is growing as I discover more every day.

With Absolute Hosting, you can build your first website with premiums starting as low as R18.00 per month with their affordable and reliable WordPress hosting plans.

By simply following these recommended steps, Absolute Hosting will provide you with a free WordPress installation that allows you to start building your website.

All it takes is choosing the correct theme to serve the purpose of your website and installing the right plugins to explore all the features.

You can start accepting online payments to scale up your business by just following the provided steps on how to set up your online store that accepts online payments for your customer’s convenience.

  1. Register a Domain
  2. Get Hosting
  3. Start building your Website
  4. Install the recommended plugins

Getting Started.

Step 1

Register your Domain (

This is your website name.

First of all, you need to register your domain. This serves as your online identity-which is the name of the website. 

Absolute Hosting has a range of affordable domain registration plans recommended for business websites that will cost as low as R79.00 / year. Click here to find out which domain plan is best for your website

The Absolute Hosting wizard will ask you to search and choose a domain name.

This is the address that will identify your business on the World Wide Web.

You have to be tactical when choosing a domain and pick a name that resonates with the business.

 For instance, you can use a generic name such as  , we already know that it a fashion business.

At this stage, you have to make sure that you register a name that:

  • Captures the name of your business
  • Easy to remember
  • This will help your customers to easily identify and relate to your business when they see your website name.

By registering a domain for your website means that you have secured that specific name and it is unique to you.

In other words, by merely registering a domain it means that you have secured your brand name in the digital space.

That is why it is important to start with Registration as you plan to build a website for your brand and start accepting payments online.

Before registration, your service provider will search for the availability of your domain, click here to start your registration process with Absolute Hosting

Step 2

Choose a WordPress Hosting plan

After registering your domain, you then add a WordPress hosting plan to your shopping cart.

This is the service you will need from your provider for your website to be visible on the internet.

Absolute Hosting has a wide range of WordPress hosting packages starting from R18.00 – R225.00 monthly premiums, it all depends on what your website requires.

As a beginner, I recommend that you pick Osmium Hosting. This plan has enough features and advantages to cater for a starting business, click here to browse hosting plans and pick one that works best for you. 

Absolute hosting is the best and affordable service provider because it allows you to build more than one website from the same hosting plan, as long as you still have enough disk space.

A good hosting plan will enable you to enjoy all the features that will make your website unique and easy to use.

  • More templates
  • More Plugins
  • More media uploads
  • Professional email accounts
  • Multiple websites on your hosting plan

Step 3

Start Building your Website

After confirming your purchase, Absolute Hosting will run an automatic WordPress installation and provide you with login credentials.

What you need to have ready:

  • Media (Images, video, etc.)

These are important because your site needs content for your visitors to see.

  • Prepare and organize your Content

You should organize your content and be specific about the offerings on your website.

You should draft what your menu is items are going to be about so that you will be able to place the appropriate content under specific menu items.

Step 4

Choose a theme

You need a theme that best suits your business or client’s needs.

The WordPress dashboard is very straightforward and the setup wizard will guide you every step of the way.

Picking the right theme is also crucial to your business because your visitors need to experience what the shop is about.

In case you want to build a website for a construction company, there are lots of themes that you can search

Make sure that you save and preview your progress as you build your website.

Add the necessary business tools and start accepting payments so that your website becomes commerce ready.

 This is where you install plugins such as woo-commerce, which is a conversation that we shall in another article.

Step 5

Pick and Install the recommended plugins

The last but not least part of setting up your web site is installing the recommended plugins for your website.

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