Android apps crashing | Easy steps to fixing your phone

Android apps crashing
Photo by Rami Al-zayat on Unsplash

Since Monday, many android users have reported their applications just randomly crashing. I also experienced the same technical issue yesterday when my LinkedIn application continued to crash.

It is the most annoying especially when you are trying to complete productivity tasks such as setting up meetings and doing some research.

Good news is that, google made a quick announcement that users must update their Android system WebView and the browser – if you are using chrome.

A Google spokesperson told the BBC yesterday that the WebView issue had been resolved which was mainly causing some android apps to randomly crash.

Quick steps to fixing the android app crashing problem

Step 1

Navigate to your play store app

If you are not using a Wi-Fi connection, make sure that your Google Play Store app is setup to connect to your mobile data.

Step 2

Android screen shot WebView

Navigate the to the top search bar and type in ‘System WebView’.

This has been a popular search item, so it will automatically pop up on your search results.

Step 3

Select the Android System WebView

Android Crashing apps WebView

It is usually comes installed in your Android device. Before you do any updates, You must click uninstall and then you will be given another screen.

Step 4

Click Update

WebView update

Your screen should show you an update option and continue with your update.

You are done. Restart your android device and you are good to go.