LISTEN | ANC NEC leaks | Dakota Legoete ‘ Some of you are worse than the SG’

Dakota Legoete

In the recently leaked audio recording of the ANC NEC meeting, ANC NEC member Dakota Legeote is heard slamming the ANC for selectively targeting members entangled in corruption.

Legoete said the NEC has members that are even facing more serious corruption than Ace Magashule and that the NEC members can not preside over their own misconduct by playing the role of prosecutor and judge in their own cases.

“There are many of us in this NEC who are facing serious allegations of corruption and I think for as long as we judge on our cases…it will not help this movement”, said Legoete.

Legoete carried on saying that ANC will always be unable to fully address issues to do with corruption as long as some members enjoy the privileges of protection.

“Until we also unmask the ANC will not effectively deal enough against corruption…I don’t want to defend the SG and I am not his loyal representative but I think it will only be fair if we deal will all corrupt elements  without any favour or prejudice”, said Legoete.