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Infomediac Full Page – R399.00

Receive affordable and effective web presence by earning a spot in our publications.

What you can do ?

Provide us with a detailed article of your business and services.

We will upload the article with a maximum of five images and we index the content on google.

We will do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for free so that your article ranks high.

Once this is done, your article is able to satisfy the search intent of your clients which then leads to conversions.


Lets say you are selling products and services for beauty and health product for women in Gauteng.

People who search for the keywords that describe your business eg. (best slimming products in Pretoria) will see your results first and redirected to your article.

Banner – R399.00 per month

We can run your advert on our front page.

Our marketing team will design a banner for your business.

Paid Clicks – R650.00 per 1000 visitors

If you are familiar with advertising tools such as Google Ads, you already know that bidding starts at R4.50 to R40.00 for a keyword click.

This is effective but very expensive for small businesses wanting to market their products and services.

Our Solution

At Infomediac News, we have an effective and affordable advertisng offer for R0.65 per click for all traffic that gets redirected to products and services.

This solution bridges the gap between your business and people with interest in your products and services.

Infomediac pinned post – R599.00

This is very simple and effective.

We can have your article pinned on our front page.

All our traffic is exposed to your article.

More than 2000 unique visitors a day.