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About Infomediac

Infomediac is a fast growing digital news agency and information Hub which respects the media laws of South Africa by observing fair and accurate reportage of news.

Our mission is to communicate messages of socio-economic development to African countries and make Africa a sustainable, socio-economic hub of the century.

We aim to inform the public with impartiality and maintain reportage on factual basis.

We are an independent media house and we are not sponsored by any political organisation.

If you appreciate our work and would like to make a donation to growth of African digital media journalism. Kindly consider donating using our PayPal account : editorial@infomediac.co.za

Apart from reporting current affairs, Infomediac has talented industrial experts who share timeless and quality information in areas of their expertise.

Newsroom Structure

Editor in Chief

Richard Matthew Kawazi

Content Writers

Kuthlwano Sibande

Reokeditswe Seanego

Carla Snyman

Marketing Manager

Panashe Mutepa