A Golden Nugget Review: Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarves

Red Shoes and Beauty
Official film images contrasting Snow White and her experiences of desiring beauty but also realizing attractiveness is a flawed concept.

‘Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarves’ (2019) is a wholly underrated children’s animated film with a beautiful message behind it.

This movie is something I wish I had as a child.

If you could not tell by the title, Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarves is a retelling of the classic fairytale Snow White and Seven Dwarves.

The sypnosis of this movie is similiar, a young woman has a wicked stepmother who desires beauty above else and has willingly caused ruin and suffering to her husband the king, stepdaughter and the peasants she rules over.

What is different is one vital thing. Snow White is not conventionally beautiful.

She is rather overweight but still has a good and pure heart and is the main character of the story (and does not become villainy like Sierra Burgess).

Absolutely shocking in that I have almost never seen this before in adult or in children’s films.

Tells you a lot.

Being thin is considered the epitome of beauty currently by society and then there is a lot of other unrealistic beauty expectations thrown onto little girls and women that ultimately cause low self esteem, depression, eating disorders, and dangerous actions taken to obtain beauty.

This ranges from corsets, using beauty products made from child labor and animal cruelty, to whitening skin powder, to starvation, to intense exercising going borderline, to plastic surgery and so on.

All of these and more can of course destroy physical and mental health.

Whilst the current arguement on obesity and produced foods is a big concern and should not be ignored, what is more important in my opinion, is being happy with the way you look.

This beautiful retelling shows this iconic character of skin as white as snow, hair as black as ebony, and lips as red as blood finding magical red shoes (red apple) that turns her into the most beautiful woman in the land.

Though, this does not matter to her, as she rather only wishes to use their powers for the added advantages of attractiveness (which science has proven to be real) to gain help much easier to find her missing father after her stepmother steals the thrones.

Now the other aspect of attractivity and handsomeness is looked at in men too.

The seven dwarves are actually an elite band of princes who go around saving people, only to one day insult a lady for the color of her skin (green) and they are rightfully cursed to become short green trolls till they can find a princess to kiss them.

This film looks at both hating one’s self and also treating people not based on their looks but their heart and nature.

It is a must watch for kids and adults. Please go check it out.

Change your perspective of what is true beauty.