5 Best Budget Heaters 2021

Five Best Budget Heaters 2021
Photo by Dan LeFebvre on Unsplash

This winter is not similar to any other we have experienced in the history of our country. During this global covid-19 epidemic you have to keep your family warm and protected.

We all need to furnish our households and workplaces with appliances that add value to these spaces.  I have noticed lately that electrical appliance manufacturers are constantly in competition to deliver quality products.

If you compare 10-20 years ago with then available heaters in the market, you will find that manufacturers were only focused on producing appliances that serve the purpose of warming up the environment and paying less attention to the environment and energy consumption.

We all know that heaters were infamous for high electricity bills and they did not come pretty as well.

You wouldn’t have much of a choice when selecting a heater for your interior décor. Old heaters would look at space machines or failed engineering high school projects.

Growing up I remember my mother placing an enamel or ceramic bowel with water in front of our old bar heater. “It’s there to protect you” she would say. The unregulated heat from that appliance was enough to start a fire if a piece of paper were to find its self on the bars.

Now- it’s a different case. Heaters are now:

  • Safe to use.
  • Better design for the home or office.
  • Cost-effective- they use less electricity now
  • Portable
  • Less heavy

I will help out with making an informed choice in terms of selecting the best heater for your family, the office, or even a gift to your parents or relatives to keep them warm and safe.

There is a variety of heaters on the market that are designed to offer you:

  • Best value
  • Modern design
  • Trusted brand
  • Durability
  • Ecofriendly
  • Low power consumption
  • Automation intelligence
  • Safety
  • Portability
  • Ease of use

This article is set out to help you decide on the best heater to suit your needs. These are the five best heaters that will be backed up by facts in this review.

  1. Russell Hobbs Digital Ceramic Tower Heater
  2. Goldair Standing Electric Heater
  3. Megamaster Berlin Patio Gas Heater (Powder-coated heater)
  4. Godair Fireplace-style Electric Heater
  5. Goldair Fireplace-Style Electric Heater

Russell Hobbs Digital Ceramic Tower Heater

Russell Hobbs a trusted home appliance has the Digital Ceramic Tower heaters offer exceptional performance and a stunning look for your office, lounge, or bedroom.

This winter, Russell Hobbs Digital Ceramic Tower Heater stands out because of its technological edge, sleek modern design, and great performance with the ceramic lining that that constantly releases heat but not enough to cause a fire or burn.

If you are looking for a heater that does not only warm up your office, lounge, or bedroom but also complementing your décor the Russell Hobbs Digital Ceramic Tower Heater is your choice.

With its sleek and modern design, it will blend in perfectly with other home and office electric appliances such as your entertainment unit, office desk, computer, etc. The Russell Hobbs Digital Ceramic Tower can never be out of place wherever you decide to place it.

If you are tech-savvy at home and the office, the Digital Ceramic Tower could be your appliance of choice. 

You can operate the Russell Hobbs Digital Ceramic Tower with a remote control offering you ease of use. So with that said, the heater checks the box for ease of use. You will not have to get up from the couch to turn the heat on – that’s a great advantage.

Adding on to ease of use and modern feel, the heater is also equipped with a soft touch screen display that complements the modern edge and techno edge it presents.

The heater also has a cool fan function. You can control your environment in whichever way you choose. So even towards the warm of spring, your Russell Hobbs Digital Ceramic Tower is still able to fulfill your needs. – The adaptability of the heater also plays a part in this heater being the best pick in 2021.

The Russell Hobbs Digital Ceramic Tower Heater has an overheating protective layer that ensures safety. It will exceed your performance expectation but it will not give more than what you don’t need. The heater has a film coat that will regulate the specified amount of heat it releases. – Here your safety box has been checked.

The temperature is digitally adjustable from 10 up to 49 degrees Celsius. It gives you the ease to regulate and control the temperature to your exact setting.

Russel Hobbs Digital Ceramic Tower is also equipped with an 8-hour timer which also ticks the automation and intelligence box.

However, this particular heater uses a maximum power of 2400W which might be a little too heavy electricity.

With the Eskom current Eskom tariff at 167, 38 cents per kilowatt-it may cost approximately R280 a month of electricity whilst running the heater for 3 hours a day.

It is an electric heater, so in an event that you might be having a power cut or power shortage you might be unable to use the heater.

For Real Deals offers the Russel Hobbs Digital Ceramic Tower at the best value.

Goldair Fireplace style Electric heater

The Goldair fireplace style electric heater is victory by design. My wife bought it for me 1 year ago on Father’s day and we are using it today- my favorite part of the heater is the impressive special effect of real burning logs and the black cast effect finish.

We all want living room with a fireplace and this heater will turn your apartment living room into your ideal winter lounge.

I get to switch on the flame without even activating the heater- which my wife loves doing on rainy December nights. It is more than just a heater-it is an ornament. It serves a continuous purpose in my home throughout the year. 

The heater resembles an antique piece of furniture which is also a fireplace.

The Goldair fireplace style electric heater does only warm your home or office. It beautifies the place and gives an overwhelming sensation of the style it represents.

If you are looking for more than just a heater for your lounge, office, or any other space, the Goldair fireplace Electric heater is your choice.

It comes equipped with 2 heat settings and also an adjustable thermostat control which allows controlling the intervals it switches on and off.

You would be surprised that it is moderate on power consumption. The heater is rated 1850W so it will cost you no more than R225.00 of electricity per month.

Megamaster Berlin Patio Gas Heater (Powder Coated Heater)

The Megamsaster Berlin Patio Gas Heater is the best heater choice for a perfect outdoor experience in 2020.

This gas heater stands 2.5m tall and comes equipped with high heat output which can cover 20 square meters.

During this winter, you don’t have to be locked up inside the house all the time – it is still the best for restaurants, events, and outdoor activities. The Magamaster Berlin Patio Gas Heater is perfect for a braai with your family during this lockdown whilst responsibly observing social distancing.

At home, it can heat your patio area and still enjoy your dinner or night chat with your family just before retiring to bed.

It is made of steel so it checks the durability box.

It comes equipped with a variable control valve and can be pushed on 2 wheels for ease of use and maneuver.

Although it is not the most eco-friendly heater however the Megamaster Berlin Patio Gas Heater is your best heater for winter 2020 to enjoy the outdoors and stay safe and warm with your family during the covid-19 lockdown.

Goldair Standing Electric Heater

The Goldair Standing Electric heater is easy on your electricity bill. This is what I particularly love about this heater. The electricity consumption of this heater is fairly low compared to other electric heaters on the market.

The Goldair Standing Electric heater comes equipped with a 2 heat setting.

The power consumption is between 750W and 1500W.

Using the Eskom tariff which costs 167,38 cents per kilowatt, the cost for running the Goldair Standing Electric Heater for an average of 3 hours for a period 30 is approximately R93.00.

The average South African family can afford to have this heater in their home.

The heater is also equipped with overheat protection, so even when you are not paying attention the heater can self-regulate.

Compared to other heaters I have seen in colleagues’ offices and houses, the Goldair Standing heater is not the cutest home appliance in 2021.

Compared to the Russell Hobbs Digital Ceramic Tower which has a soft touch and LED display, the Goldair Standing Electric Heater is equipped with an analog tuning knob that may not vibe with the rest of your modern appliances.

Fine living 3 panel Gas Heater

The Fine living 3-panel gas heater is by far the best and smartest gas heaters of 2021 that can fit in a modern home.

It is often difficult to find a gas heater that you may comfortably place in your lounge or dining area without looking at an odd piece of an appliance, an oversized gas bottle as well as the liquid petroleum odor.

The fine living 3-panel gas heater stands about 70cm tall which is fairly shorter than a hockey stick.

The gas cylinder compartment is well protected with the metal covers, by merely looking at it nothing seems to be out of place.

We all hate the smell of gas and it gets everyone uncomfortable. The fine living 3-panel gas heater is equipped with separate burner chambers which reduce gas odor and increases efficiency.

By increased efficiency-it utilizes the tiniest amount gas that is released by the bottle and nothing goes to waste.

This heater will not play guessing games with you in case of poor performance. The Fine living 3-panel gas heater comes equipped with an oxygen depletion sensor-In case the flame is not stable enough due to low oxygen.

It is installed with 3 ceramic panels which provide you with a constant supply of heat without posing the risk of fire or skin burns.

The heater is cost-effective. It consumes 305gr/hr. and with the recommended 9kgs industrial gas cylinder.

The fine living 3-panel gas heaters can run for 30 hours on a full 9kg cylinder which costs nothing less than R180.00.

Compared to similar electric heater models, you could spend more money on topping up gas than paying for electricity.

Last word

This is winter is by far the most difficult South Africans will have to experience experienced due to the Covid-19 epidemic however most of us have made conscious decisions to carry on with life and coexist with the deadly virus.

We all need to stay warm and beautify our spaces as well. These are what the reviewed heaters will offer you and address your winter and home needs. n

1.The Russell Hobbs Digital Ceramic 

  • Modern
  • Sleek design
  • Trusted Brand
  • Safe
  • Ecofriendly
  • Easy to use

2. Gold fireplace style Electric Heater

  • Cozy
  • Home Décor
  • Gift
  • Best design
  • Safe
  • Fun

3. Megamaster Berlin Patio Gas Heater

  • Outdoors
  • High Performance
  • Durability
  • Events
  • Hosting
  • Wide area heating

4. Gold air standing electric heater

  • Low electricity consumption
  • Lower price

5. Fine living 3 Panel Gas Heater

  • Modern gas heater
  • Smart controls
  • Ecofriendly
  • Odorless
  • Perfect size
  • Beat value