35 year old man arrested in connection with Table Mountain fire

Table Mountain Fire
Table Mountain ablaze Courtesy eNCA

A 35-year-old man has been arrested in connection with Table Mountain fire and a case of arson has been opened with the South African Police Services.

It has been established that the man has been living in the bush and allegedly started a fire for cooking purposes.

Cape Town Mayoral Committee Member for Security JP Smith conformed the arrest and said he received a tip off from witnesses who saw three men starting fires in the bush.

“There were multiple residents in quick succession who contacted me and other emergency centers that they were watching three men moving through the bush and starting new fire”

Smith immediately notified law enforcement where traffic Police were immediately dispatched to the area. One of the individuals was then found next to a fire and taken into Police custody and later indicated to the Police that he sleeps in the bush.  

Smith confirmed that the suspect admitted to the Police for starting a fire and seemed to have taken responsibility for the bigger fire as well.

“It is possible that he started an accidental fire for cooking purposes, but he was also busy with a second smaller fire and he was also asked if he had started the big fire…it seemed to indicate that he took responsibility for the bigger fire”, Smith explained.

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The fire has torn through the University of Cape Town’s Library damaging collections of irreplaceable African studies literature were hundreds of people have been evacuated for safety purposes.